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Posted on 06-01-2016

This week I was asked how the ancient healers would have helped people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Before insulin was discovered in 1922, people with any type of diabetes were treated by very low-fat diets and fasting. However, the pharmaceutical-based medical profession abandoned the practice of fasting after insulin was discovered, because physicians of the time saw profitability of drugs that cover symptoms.  Insulin gave diabetics the freedom to continue to be fat, to continue to abuse their bodies, and to continue to allow their body to age and weaken prematurely from the effects of diabetes minus its symptoms.

Today's post is meant to recap some simple approaches to reversing Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes.   I'm going to mention what I would have done if I lived 5,000 years ago and wanted to reverse diabetes.  Each of my approaches are geared to a specific type of mindset which may vary based on my goal.   If it was me, I'd go for the most direct route.   I'd go straight to juice - fasting. But some people can't go directly to this advanced level diet and fasting regime.   They need something more realistic for their circumstances.   

How I would reverse type 2 diabetes: (the easiest way)

Average Expected time needed for reversal : 4 to 6 months

○ Eat a low glycemic load, high fiber, plant-based diet of vegetables, beans, nuts, limited whole grains, fruit and lean animal protein

○ Vigorous exercise (fast walking, running, biking, etc.) 30 minutes 4-5 times a week and strength training 20 minutes 3 times a week

○ Take a good vita-mineral superfood supplement, fish oil, vitamin D, and other herbal supplements as usual

Advanced level: (the quickest way)

Average Expected time needed for reversal :  1 to 3 months

○ Juice fasting followed by water fasting

○ Strict supplementation schedule

○ Exercise based on performance

○ Drinking special water

○ Possibly Hypotonic Urine Therapy

○ May require blood work in extreme cases


Ideally,  I'd generally do the easier method as a general lifestyle choice and I would spend 3 days to 45 days doing the advanced technique until blood tests showed a reversal of markers.

I've never had diabetes,  and I've helped a lot of other people to not have it either.   

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