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Posted on 12-08-2013

Tonight I decided to donate to Wikipedia.  If Wikipedia stops being FREE then it becomes that much more harder to get decent information without corporate bias.  Without reliable FREE INFORMATION sources like Wikipedia, then I might not be in the position that I am in now.  Instead of just telling my story of Chiropractic in terms of a Spiritual Essence which animates and coordinates all aspects of human life I am now going to comment on current scientific perspectives which support my interpretations of ancient, time-tested healing practices AND the modern scientific perspectives.  Many of my sources are paid experts who have dedicated their lives to studying perfecting the base of knowledge in their chosen sub-specialty of their field. Wikipedia allows access to direct information and makes it easier for the un-biased truth to arise and filter to the top. For example, the Ancient Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hua Tou without Wikipedia you have to pay a school $50,000 to have even ever heard of that, nevertheless understand that.  

Now you can just get someone who know TRULY knows what they are talking about and understands things on a different level. Essence works different than Science.  Sometimes they just can't find a meeting place and that little thing happens that "you just HAD to be there" for.  

These things happen to show you a little bit about what life is really about,

And you can find out lots about what life is about by just living it, too.   And there are some things that you can study forever, but until you experience it - its meaningless.  The same way I could look up your field of specialty and get tons of relevant independent information.  You will know resources within your community and field that I will have no idea about.  Even if I read all technical information on your topic and spent my free time "learning on-line" I would not even COME CLOSE to approaching the level of intricate knowledge and expertise that hands-on learning can bring.

Much that same way

I can read about how it is to be a dad. Until I experienced it, I had no idea how much joy it would bring.  

 So now you can learn about the TRUTH about where our healthcare system came from and make an EDUCATED choice without being told the version of history that includes the final destruction of the "Principle of Life" or "Creationist" school.  It is said that He who wins the war gets to write history.  

Due to their constant grasping for new technological breakthroughs and scientific "miracle cures" the "evolution" school has lots of products to synthesize and sell in order to achieve their claims.  They claim that for a nominal fee they will master life and death on your behalf.

Unlike Evolution schools of thought, Creation has only One answer and it's technology has already been MAXED OUT.  Its the spiritual power of Christ consciousness which Inspires the Soul to burn its light.  

Thank you Wikipedia for keeping information FREE.  I had to pay over $50k to be taught this!  Now I have an opportunity to learn about anything without needing the proverbial Wizard of Oz to grant me a piece of paper to prove I know it!  

Don't get me wrong.  I am sooo glad I went to school.  At that time it was the only way to get good information.  The experiences with my teachers is what I really paid for.  The comradery of surviving through the Post-Traumatic events of medical chiropractic school would have been impossible to replicate in an on-line environment.

People often dont stop to think about America's young people are being put through.Medical students are great young people who have hopes and dreams of saving lives and being a positive force for good in the world.  They don't start out on Adderall. They dont get into school thinking about how their teachers are going to prescribe them uppers for the morning and downers for the night.  They don't sign up for medical school expecting to be purposefully traumatized into submission by a heavily biased system.  Med students are forced to work extraordinarily LONG hours.  They are exposed to death matter-of-factly and are compelled to study and work all day and night.  They are given a brief time to visit family and then re-submerged into a system that decides if they are going to fulfill their dreams of helping people.  A system that is supported and funded by people who believe the premise that the best hope of maintaining health is through approaches that can be quantified and scientifically reproduced.  

This system rewards ones who can manipulate health the most powerfully.  Even if their underlying Principle of Action is faulty or mis-guided.  (eg. Nobel Prize in Medicine )  all they did is "discover" something that God already put there.  They were able to quantify and measure it.  They could describe it now.  So what?  

What are we going to do with it?  Whatever IT is!  What does it mean?  All science means to me is "Eureka! We can explain something about God's greatness reproducibly"  

Yipee, so what?

Medical Students are systematically manipulated into believing more in science than in God.  For a long time it was rare to find a doctor who was not an athiest.  Within their own system they frowned upon spirituality.  The original Church still keeps records of miracles of healing and other unexplained events.  Just reminds me of a bunch of good'ol boys patting each other on the back for discovering mechanism of divine design and calling it scientific evolution.  

The great rift between science and spirit really took meaning for me when I learned of a story about one of our American Greats, Benjamin Franklin.  In his time, Benjamin Franklin was the most famous and influential person in the entire world. He was sent to serve the interests of the United States as an emissary to France.  ( I guess the U.S. basically sent France our "best guy" to keep ourselves on their good side.  We didnt want them supporting competing sides of our wars)

The Franklin Commission found that the claims of Anton Mesmer could not be scientifically verified.  Vital fluid or magnetic somethingness of the human soul is not provable and therefore from that time onward we were to act as if it doesn't exist.   Its like they are expected to relegate theo-logical principles solely to personal and home life.  Like Spirit and Life-Force Essence cannot be allowed to "come to work" with us. In Chinese Martial Arts it is understood that there exists an infinite energy which the Artist draws from within as well as with-out and then directs toward or away from an opponent to defeat them.    

As a Chiropractor I have come to realize that I cannot go any further on what science and mankind have put together in an effort to save ourselves from eternal death.  In science all we have is that we are somehow all connected by a universal fluid that has yet to be proven to exist except for all the anecdotal experience EVERY human being paradoxically possesses.  

Any one who has ever held a new-born baby and attended a funeral can understand what I mean when I mention the Spirit that makes us who and what we are.  It makes us appreciate beauty and it is the inspiration that gives us access to our human emotions.  The essence of human existence cannot be fabricated or synthesized.  It is God's spark of Life that burns within us for a limited time and then takes on higher vibrations.  Our current technology cannot yet quantify this.  Its ok that it can't.  That's just God's way of saying " Ha, Ha - gotcha!"  And then going on to amaze us with the splendors of nature.  

Maybe we need to stop trying to quantify God's Love and Mercy and just accept it for the Essence of what it is.   Maybe we can to stop believing more in numbers than Spirit.

Following this approach has allowed me to make greater strides in understanding and appreciating the Gift of Healing Touch that God gave me.  I am so thankful for my gifts.  Please everyone.  Come to Champion Life Church today and let me adjust you.  It is God's Gift given for you.  I love you all.  All of God's creation has my Love and respect.  Come get adjusted!.

 God, Help me to be MORE like Jesus.  I ask that You don't just give me His healing hands.  I ask for you to help me to better represent His Heart through my thoughts and actions.  I love you God.  In Jesus' Name.  

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