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Posted on 10-24-2013

Health is a part of EVERY person's nature.  The pharmopoly would like you to believe that you just happen to be the one lucky seed that planted and sprouted into the person you are. YOU WERE CHOSEN!   (and then on top of that BLESSED)  

As a part of our innate design our bodies were designed to express HEALTH naturally.  

My Chief Executive function as your Chiropractor is to:

#1 -Remove interference to clear communication between bio-spiritual energy-signal relay centers of the body.  

End of Story

When clear communication flows through your bio-spiritual control system you HEAL!  Health comes from within - not from Obamacare or anything for sale in a bottle.  

FREE YOUR MIND!!!  IT LIVES IN YOUR NERVE SYSTEM!!!!!!Chiropractor Adjusting on the street, Open-air Chiropractor.  Chiropractic is the answer to the broken med-oploy. 

I was out for a jog today between appointments because I was upset today by a poor customer service experience I had at a local corporate gym.  

As a small business owner I understand the Golden Rule of customer service:  Treat all people like You want to be treated...

Anyway - that experience made me not workout.  So I decided to go for a run for the first time EVER! In the 2-3 years I have been at   I ran into a friend's office and was able to make a KEY referral for a neighbor of mine.  After that I went to Laser Med Spa and visited about an EXCITING new water product that I have had in my office the past few weeks.  I also enjoyed fruits of the Certified Farmer's Market where I will be located once per month for the rest of the season!!!  

Then I got to spend the rest of the afternoon going over my new presentation with prospective members of my Unlimited Chiropractic Program.   

 Chiropractic:  Where loving for the sake of loving ....giving for the sake of giving.....and serving for the sake of serving is both a profession and and lifestyle.  LIVE IT!!!!!

I had this song playing when I went for a run and it made me see the wisdom and intensity of spirit it takes to live an indigent lifestyle. I feel like it takes a knowledge and mastery of the Self.  The same qualities it takes to be a chiropractor....and good at anything for that matter.  But I will use Chiropractic since thats what I know.

I am tired of apologizing for my way of expressing.  People who know NOTHING about health or what it takes to be healthy tell people what to think by the TV shows, the news we see and hear, and WHAT gets written into TEXTBOOKS!  Horrifying!!!  

So glad to be going back to KANSAS soon! People there actually understand the true meaning of life!

The Materialists have been disputing the Vitalists since time began.  Materialists control the fight because they have more money.  One way they use their money is by setting up false organizations that don't represent Principled Chiropractic.  With their dummy group they can paint chiropractic into whatever corner they want to give us.  Kinda like whenever they announce to us what the "clinical studies" about Chiropractic have concluded. 

Finally, through Facebook and Google+ and more I am able to broadcast a clear message of truth that is uninhibited by a corporate agenda.  There is NO hidden secret to be uncovered and that makes my message different from the medical approach.  Principled Chiropractors stand on purpose for Life  

Health is not for sale.  Health is not achieved by avoiding death in its many capacities.  You dont go to heaven by avoiding hell.  Corporate interests have entwined themselves into their own group-think to a point that its a miracle that we have the internet to get the message of truth out to the people.


I am so glad to be able to write in a blog.  I get to go off like this!!!  Relaxing! :)

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