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Posted on 10-21-2013

Why I listen to rap while at work

As a Professional Chiropractor I am expected to maintain a certain welcoming environment.  I understand etiquette and respect for all people.  I don't regard women as objects.  I am not materialistic and vain.   so why do I play rap music at work?

Not only does the music have a certain rhythm and beat to it, but the lyrics are almost always about how a MAN deals with challenges in life.   The rapper is always in control of his environment and the dominant force who decides the tone of his surroundings including all those caught within it.  Rappers know what to do even when things are going rough.  The rapper can overcome any adversity or oppressor.  The rapper can hit the grand slam home run 10 out of 10 times.  Life happens at His will.  The rapper gets his power from a higher source and is connected intimately to his power.  The rapper lives in a world that operates according to his will and perception.  Life is a party and could not be better.  Rappers have strong hometown pride and contribute to livelihood of their posse and hood.

Rappers can make it rain.  

Rappers welcome you to their "hood" everyone is united in their old hotel apartment building.  And just because they live in the ghetto they don't see each other as mugshots.

All they do is WIN!  and as in the famous words of T-Pain.  "If I got it, then everybody got it!! Huh!!!"

There is a unique opportunity that is in front of us for the first time in history the "regular people" have access to a multi-billion dollar marketing team through connections such as Facebook/Instagram and Google+ and other connections. 

For centuries the Chiropractic message has been suppressed by the pharmaceutical company's forcing Medicine to fight for them against US.  The people of the United States of America are good and they believe in a higher power.  They have kept a space in their heart-mind for unconditional love and forgiveness.  A space and possibility for miracles, a place where faith is the only answer.  

Pharma would like us to believe that poisoning ourselves would eventually make us more healthy.  But no one out there "likes" to take all their medicine every day as directed.   Inside people know pharmakeia is not right.  

Inside each of our heart-mind is a Life Force Power that not only coordinates and controls, but energizes and animates.  Materialists would have you believe that your "life" is just a bunch of bio-chemical reactions.  As a Vitalistic Chiropractor, I believe that the material self is subservient to the spiritual self. The Life Force Power (LFP) within each heart-mind does not conform to terrestrial physical laws.  It is above physical understanding.  Metaphysical Chiropractic.

When I listen to the rappers proclaiming their dominance and ownership of Truth as God wills it in their world I imagine myself righteous as the rappers in their hood. Not bothering anyone, just doing what I do THE BEST!!!  

Thats why I listen to rap.  I am a the Rapping Metaphysical Chiropractor.  Even rappers like Nicki Minaj acknowledge it.

Rachel LOVE said:

I love the music you play it gets me excited for my healing!! It also creates a relax open environment unlike dr. office where its stuff and so quite. So keep playing your Rap Dr.

2013-10-25 08:51:04

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